Art is a language I use to attempt to articulate the less rational and more mysterious realms of being human.
I paint to bring the past into the present and to restore a reverence for things lost or displaced.
The ideas of prayer and ritual are akin to making art for me.

My work is also informed by life on the urban street. I think of my figures as a cross between superheroes
and totemic beings; guardians and reminders of things important. They surface in some ways without my
knowing; slipping in through the cracks, honoring and protecting the many people on the street, navigating the city.
I also experiment with deconstruction of the figure, into abstraction. No longer organizing space and
meaning around the figure is both a challenge and a liberation .

I am a self-taught artist. I rely on my instincts in making work and often find solutions by experimentation.
I use wax and paper to add layers and texture to the painted surface, often letting the random and organic
shapes that emerge, inform and define the narrative. The layering and removing of materials is an attempt
to create a sense of texture and time and also, to speak to the impermanence of the physical realm.

Currently living and working in Berkeley, California.
My studio is located at the Makers WorkSpace Building in the Gilman Street District.

“To paint is not to represent, but to penetrate, to get to the heart of a secret.”
-Balthus, 1908-2001

Her History Collage